Corner Gun is a VR - stealth platformer where you go to the deepest layers of psychopath's mind via VR headset. Collect all 4 cards to escape and win. This is a Corner Gun game, gun lays around the corner (but a game is flat so don't expect any weapon).  This is also a GOTY edition, every available DLC is included. 

Aki: programming (

Seba: graphic/sounds (

Congrats to all LowRezLam 2017 jammers for making great games!


Note: We had a few graphics from LRJ2016, so to be fair Seba didn't start jam from first day. Just to be honest :) 

Install instructions

Happy playing :)

(Mac builds not tested, works well on Ubuntu 16.04)


Download 24 MB
CornerGun_win.exe 21 MB
CornerGun_lin 30 MB


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here is my playthrough thanks for the game was good fun

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Hi, you know, it was great watching your playthrough. Thanks for playing, and sorry for tutorial every restart - lack of time to polish everything ;)

PS. Hope you don't mind we put link to your video in the description.

thanks thats top stuff I didnt mind the restart at my age some of the best game ive played have no check points, well done please send me more when you have something else its really great work